1. The Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous Device (PASIV) has the following configuration.

    1. A central button called the Infusion Trigger that can activate all IV lines at once.
    2. Configurable control settings for the accurate monitoring and adjustment of Somnacin levels.
    3. 12 foot (4 meter) IV lines for versatile in the field set-up.
    4. LED display with atomized timer for monitoring precise flow rates.
    5. Synchronization monitoring chip for flow check monitoring and automated adjustment to optimize output flow.
    6. Lithium iodide batteries with life of 200 hours.
    7. Additional vial storage for multiple doses in the field.
    8. Case lock for prevention of system tampering.
    9. Memory backup for retention of infusion output data.
    10. Easy access to fuses and batteries for replacement. Where does this feature? What is is used for? Put Funda.
  2. It weighs around 200 pounds. It was inspired by balsa wood and lollipop sticks. It was built using Aluminium and Stainless Steel. It's movements are the 'Ape Walk' 'Crutch Walk' 'Two Legged Walk' and the 'The Wheel'. Its fingers can subdivide into smaller, identical appendages. It also has a twin. Name the twins.

  3. Minimalist Poster for which awesome movie ???


  1. This actor has the habit of shooting short films starring his family members. One fine day, he and his music director friend along with his family were seeing the film, “Inglorious Basterds”. They were planning to start a production house, and after getting inspired by the film named their company after a German word. Their production “Kaaka Muttai” recently won the Best Children’s film and Best Child Actors awards at the 62nd National Film Awards. Name the production house and the actor.


  1. The device used by Cobb's team in INCEPTION
  2. CASE and TARS
  3. Karakaatakkaran
  4. Wunderbar Movies, Dhanush

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