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Deploy your blog on a schedule using Netlify Scheduled functions
by Manoj Karthick Selva Kumar on

Earlier this month, Netlify announced their acquisition of Quirrel and subsequently announced the availability of Netlify Scheduled functions in Beta. Scheduled functions are serverless cron jobs that run periodically alongside your Netlify site. I just started using this feature for my blog to automatically deploy my site. Let's dive in to see how you can too!

Netlify Scheduled Functions

Automatically disconnect bluetooth headphones when your MacBook goes to sleep
by Manoj Karthick Selva Kumar on

My current favorite headphones are the Sony-WH1000XM4s. They are light, have great noise cancellation and tremendous battery life. I use them on both my personal and work MacBook.

But I have two minor annoyances with how they behave. This is not specific to these but bluetooth headphones in general.

  • When the headphones are turned off without disconnecting, they connect to the machine they were previously connected to when they are turned back on.
  • If I close my MacBook without disconnecting, they will stay connected. If I want to switch the headphones to my other MacBook they will have to be manually disconnected first.

The solution I came up with is to disconnect my headphones when the MacBook goes to sleep. To avoid constant disconnects, you can adjust your Mac's sleep/wake configuration or use an app like Amphetamine to keep your Mac awake.

Sony WH1000XM4

Hotkey to save currently playing Spotify song using Hammerspoon
by Manoj Karthick Selva Kumar on

The Discover weekly playlist is one of my favorite ways to explore new music on Spotify. If I find a song I like, I want to save the song to my library but I don't want to switch to the Spotify app to do so. I tend to listen to the playlist when I'm programming and having to switch to the app to save the song breaks my flow state.

The solution was to build a global hotkey to save the song and that's when I discovered Hammerspoon. It's an automation framework for macOS that provides a Lua scripting environment and extensions to interact with the operating system and few common applications.

Hammerspoon + Spotify

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