Are you a fan of Comic Strips like Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes? Or you're a fan of Web Comics with a dark theme like XKCD or Cyanide and Happiness? You're cool that way huh?

I never knew about XKCD or C&N earlier. One fine day, my friend introduced them to me. The door to the Wonderful world of Cyanide and Happiness comics was now Ajar! And I have been in love with it ever since.


We had a casual discussion one day whether we could have all the Cyanide and Happiness comics offline, on our systems. And Eureka! Comictose was born. We then expanded this idea to include more comic strip series.

Currently, Comictose will download Aunty Acid, Big Nate, Calvin and Hobbes, Cyanide and Happiness, Dilbert, Garfield, Peanuts, SMBC, XKCD and ZenPencils comics, from the day it was published online till today.


Go ahead and check it out on Github.

The Scraper is Built using Java and has two dependencies, JSoup and Joda-time. Check out the README to know more.

To run the JARs, just run java -jar <jar_name>.

Pre-built binaries are available for download. Just follow the instructions and run the JAR. You can run the program as long as you have a JRE(Java Runtime Environment), and you most
probably will have it on your system, as Java has become ubiquitious these days!