Have you ever used a console and got irritated with spaces in your file names? Read on..

It's time for Mini #2 !

So, have you ever used a console on your machine, be it *NIX or Windows? Then you probably know how much of a PITA it is when file names have spaces in them.


Then it's time to remove those spaces. Let's get rid of spaces. In file names. For ever.

Just execute the following line of code your terminal or console:

For Linux/Unix/macOS users:

rename 's/ /-/g' /path/to/your/directory/* # Replace spaces with hypens.

If you find yourself doing it over and over again, set up a cron job to execute this command :)

Windows users use:

cmd /e:on /v:on /c "for %f in ("* *.txt") do (set "n=%~nxf" & set "n=!n: =-!" & ren "%~ff" "!n!" )"